Goal & Objectives

Goal & Objectives of Vips Skills

Our Strength is professional management ,accuracy and quality implementation continuous innovation putting together we are committed to work with the masses and turn the skill face of country.The organization is setup with the goal of “working in close coordination with the current system and upgrade the skills for providing better employment opportunities”.

  1. Help all the rural children to get quality of education and enduring Future .
  2. Promoting innovation and technological solution to address gaps in the access to quality of education received.
  3. Creating Idea for inclusive and comprehensive education through innovative model
  4. Deliver high quality experience for both learners and employers.
  5. Ensure Skilling has an aspirational and monetary value; create awareness jointly with learners, industry and partners’.
  6. Work towards empowering trainees/ learners from rural, semi-urban, urban areas and socially excluded groups, from states with high unemployment rates, including uneducated and partially educated youth.
  7. Create ‘virtual’ alliances with global institutions and governments to drive curriculum, provide advisory support and deploy mentors as appropriate. Help learners get right jobs (including self-employment) that they would ordinarily not be able to get themselves.