Corporate social responsibility


Indian is a country with budding talent, it is the second most populous country which is known for its hardworking resources, and however what it lacks is inadequate skills. Indians are known for their hardworking capacity and their resourcefulness, what is required to get the best out of manpower is Agriculture & Floriculture Skill Development Training.

This now been taken care of by CSR which stands for Corporate Social Responsibility which is linked to community welfare with the help of promotion of education and skill development. This not only helps the society as a whole but also help unskilled manpower who are willing to work hard to earn a livelihood and uplift their standard of living by getting respectful job. By learning new skills and acquiring basic minimum education not only the underprivileged attains confidence but also improves their quality of life. Few of the areas where CSR is making an impact have been in the field of plumbing, carpentry, retail, hospitality, and customer services etc.

The Skill Development Training program is now widespread across the whole of India targeting weaker economic sectors by setting up training centre’s all across the country. One of the initiatives of fostering education is by indulging the educated youth of India who can relate very well with the underprivileged people as they are more sympathetic toward their needs. The youth of India are guided by mentors and experienced staff who guide them in the right direction.

Vips Skills training program under CSR

  1. Vips Skills, Corporate Social Responsibility is tied to community welfare though skills training.
  2. The Vips Skills training program under CSR, seeks to make underprivileged unskilled and/or semi-skilled individuals skilled members of the workforce such that they are able to earn better wages that contributes in improving their quality of life.
  3. The training sectors covered Agriculture program. The entire cost of the training is borne by Vips Skills.
  4. The Vips Skills CSR training programs are geared towards benefitting economically challenged individuals of Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, UP, Manipur, Meghalaya, Tripura, and Nagaland, but will eventually be extended to the 50+ training centers across India.
  5. The training is provided as per the NSQF framework and students get an NSDC certificate following successful completion of the course, which add to their future employability. The program also aimed at making the participants self-dependent individuals and mainstreaming them in the society.