Agriculture Skill Council of India

India has about 161 million hectares of Arable land of which 55 million is irrigated. With the increase in population the demand for food and Agriculture produce is increasing, but the supply is constant due to low agricultural productivity. This is predominantly due to Improper Farm Management practices and loss in post harvest handling. There is a requirement for specific set of Skills in the field of Agriculture which Vips Skills is developing.

Vips Skills is working in the area of Agriculture with Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) as a training partner for trained the farmers especially in Dairy Farming/Entrepreneur, Floriculturist (Protected cultivation) and Garners etc. Samarth is committed for the progression of lower section of the society by giving them a fair chance to get an equal status as the socially privileged.

Vips Skills believes that the more we give importance to skill development, the more competent be our youth. In India the focus is towards theoretical knowledge instead of developing the practical and real experiences.  through the practical oriented training programs helping the rural segment youth to develop skills and knowledge required to get the employment. Our Approach is to build up the association with stakeholders like Trainers, Trainee, Government and Industries to create smart knowledgeable and self motivated workforce and leaders to Indian industry.

Vips Skills has provided the Training Programs to more than 10,000 Candidate of India. The motive of the Vips Skills Agriculture training programs is to make the candidate self reliant and create the employability through skills sets required like Dairy Farming, Small poultry Farming, Gardening etc.