About Us

About Us

 Vips Skills

is the platform for the skill developments at grass root level to skilled and re-skilled the workforce of India so that they can rightfully participate in this phase of growth of the nation. The organization is focused towards working in the field of education and skill development and committed to play a valuable role in supporting the scaling up process of rural livelihood. Vips Skills is set up to work and promote the vocational and skill education in India, brings its strength with the highly professional board of advisors and directors along with large number of partners at the field level. Vips Skills is a leading organization in the area of skill and vocational education and its mission is to work for the society at grass root level and enhance the employability and productivity of nation’s workforce.

In contrast to the traditional top down approach, Vips Skills  is committed for skill development of all age groups (Men and Women) in local community in towns and village. And hundreds of youth have been skilled and benefited through Vips Skills  across India.

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